Installation, Setup, and Startup

Once you use the IB tws to connect to the outside world, you become part of the much larger market, formed from traditional exchanges and electronic crossing networks (ECNs), other market customers and brokerages, and of course IB and its systems.

The subsystem consisting of your system together with the IB-provided services it connects to is itself complex, consisting of your IB tws account and its servers, the network links to those servers, one or more instances of the IB tws program that use the net links, a dbms server for the use of the shim, most likely multiple databases installed on the server, multiple roles for the shim, and, what justifies the entire system, the downstream programs you use to access the markets.

Setup for your market access system involves more than just program configuration for the trading-shim program by itself, requiring that you set up a networked system, including in particular the IB tws, the shim, and its database, leaving aside any downstream programs you might also use with the shim. To use the shim, you will need to locate resources § 3.1; compile the shim, and configure the shim and IB tws § 3.2; and create and load the database § 3.3. At this point you should be ready to run the shim § 3.4.

Bill Pippin 2010-01-14