The IB tws

The Trader Workstation (tws) is available from If you have not done so already, download the IB tws system from their site, and install it according to their directions. The IB tws requires Java 1.5 or better, so you will need to have Java installed as well.

Although you do not provide IB tws account information to the shim, you will of course need some form of account information to start the IB tws. You may choose to use the demo account, with user name edemo and password demouser, though please note that important features of the IB tws api are then either untrustworthy (market data) or do not work (history queries). You may have already set up and funded a trading account with IB, and obtained in return a user name and password that may be used to start the IB tws. Finally, you may have obtained as well a paper account, which allows you to connect with the same market data and history query privileges as your real account, though without the risk to your account balance.

Please, if you have a real account, obtain the paper account it entitles you to as well, and limit your initial use of the shim to environments where the only available IB tws program running is one that has connected to its upstream through the paper account. You alone are responsible for the use of your IB account, including indirect use via the shim. Avoid using your real account with the shim unless and until you are certain that you understand and accept the related risks.

Bill Pippin 2010-01-14