Data for the table Underlying

In reading the load.sql script, focusing on the primary symbol data, and working backwards from goal to means, note, 1st, the insert statements in load.sql that populate the Underlying table; 2nd, the table names those insert statements select from, and 3rd, the data sources that are src'd by load.sql in order to populate the three primary source tables.

In brief, Underlying is populated from Currency, Miscellany, and Stock, and those src'd from req/Currency.sql, mod/Miscellany.sql, and mod/Stock.sql. At this point Underlying is filled with type, home, name, and description quadruples (see syms.sql for the create table statement for Underlying). Looking at the values for the src'd tables, Underlying can be seen to be a union of security, more precisely, product, tuples, labelled by type of security.

Bill Pippin 2010-01-14