The trading-shim would not exist if Russ Herrold had not had the confidence and determination to take risks by starting a partnership to develop it. I owe him not only for the opportunity to write the shim, but also for constant encouragement, and especially the many hours we've spent debating design issues. Our IT skills are complimentary, and the shim is a much stronger program as a result of our dialogues. I'm fortunate indeed to have been able to work closely with Russ these last two years.

Though Russ was the first user, there are now others as well. I'd like to acknowledge here my debt to those who use the shim and have contributed feedback. Thank you, those who have downloaded the shim, or joined the mailing list, or submitted questions, whether to the list, or via private email. Every time I stop to think about some question from a new user, I gain new ideas of how to make the shim widely useful. Don't ever discount the value of your own experience or knowledge; your fresh perspective is precious. As an experienced developer, I well know how to implement software; but it's the comments and questions from you that teach me how to make it useful to the community. I want to reemphasize this point: feedback from users -- your feedback -- is critical to us. It plays an irreplaceable role is shaping our plans, design, and especially roadmap. Please let us know what you think.

I'd also like to mention other debts, to: the free software ecosystem, § 1.4.1; tools and references I've used during development, § 1.4.2; authors on finance, § 1.4.3; before, last, considering more personal debts, in § 1.4.4.

Bill Pippin 2010-01-14