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Download information

The current version may be downloaded at:

or through the courtesy link for the shim-latest.tgz

Earlier versions may be found in the FTP attic.

Beginning with the release on 27 Feb 2009, we split the symbol and like data from the code into two tarballs of the form:


where YYMMDD is of the form yielded from:

$ date +%y%m%d

We adopt this approach to address the relative frequency of change (the code faster; database contents, less so), and the bloat we have experienced with recent changes. You will need to retrieve, and unpack BOTH the shim and a data file with which the shim tarball is designed to work.

We keep track the latest published set that works together automatically in our release process as to content down the FTP link at the top of this page. The two most recent such tarballs are to be unpacked in the same directory point, such that a symlink in the 'shim' tarball will properly point up and over into the correct (versioned) data directory part. You may verify the expected matching data file, using this minimal test:

$ tar tzf shim-090227.tgz | grep [0-9]/sym$
lrwxrwxrwx pippin/pippin 0 2009-02-10 11:03:41 shim-090227/sym -> ../data-090210/

so in this case a file containing: /data-090210/ is needed .. not surprisingly this is: data-090210.tgz

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