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Certain recurring questions tend to come up in mailing list and support contexts; the links below address or point to further resources about the most common areas of inquiry.
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About the project - a New Users's Guide to Approaching the 'trading shim'

We have picked up a few new subscribers to the trading shim general mailing list in recent days. I have been discussing the trading shim 'en passant' on a couple of the mailing lists which are culled to provide content for Victor Niederhoffer's "Daily Speculations" website:


and of course Freshmeat pushed an email notice of the 29 Feb 'Leap day' release we pushed.

I wanted to take a moment, and send the list a glimpse 'behind the curtain' so to speak, for a "New Users's Guide to Approaching the 'trading shim'" on 'procedural' matters.

We did not have a chance to test 080229 against live market feeds that Friday, and I know Bill pushed a bit of a correction in how the 'wild' command selects SecType's yesterday. I just updated the version and Freshmeat download URL, but 'hid' it from the front page of Freshmeat. I think of and refer to those interim releases which I do not feature to the 'ts-announce' mailing list as 'slipstreammed' updates.

For those new to the 'shim', as we call it in house, the places where the latest news appear first is always:


In that file, there is a running 'stanza' with sequential dates, listing external versions along the way, and a bit of a journal of what has changed, and is or is not properly working in each. The mention of an issue there is a pretty good indication that we know of and are working on it. ;) Then when a stanza's goals are met against our internal release planning, we close the stanza and start a new one; I tend to announce those stanza closes as "Major feature enhancements" to Freshmeat. Within a series, I use lesser Freshmeat categories: Minor, and bugfix, occasionally documentation

Every bit of the website is present for a reason, and we encourage at least scanning it all to get a feel where answers may lay. Places of special interest are the FAQ,


which, in part, addresses all setup issues which we have seen reported, either on the mailing list, or privately; I also maintain a bit of a link farm to related projects, both FOSS and closed code at:


There is a flat site map at:


which was written to assist Google in crawling the site well. This means one gets good and current results in the search box at:


We welcome questions, preferably on this mailing list, but private communication will be answered as appropriate. We do sell commercial support contracts of course, but try to pass the knowledge we share there back to the community project side as well. To the extent that it does not violate client confidentiality, we often 'anonymize' interesting private email and repeat the context of the inquiry and our answer into this mailing list:


Private client instances of the bug tracker are available in addition to the open one for the project:


I periodically go through and weed bugs which are resolved, and update lingering ones. I come from a sysadmin, tactical problem-solver background, and so this seems natural to me.

Bill's approach to workflow is more systematic and traditional, being based in part on a .plan file, 'test-driven development', and proceeding in an efficient path along to our release goals.

Either one of us might respond to a list email, and indeed, we have had both our views appear from time to time, on the list. As noted, we have formal planning and synchronization of effort meetings at regular intervals.

As always, the latest tarball is at


and prior releases in the ./attic/

I hope this little overview is useful, and invite old and new subscribers alike to post more, to share successes, and ask about 'sticky points' here. that way, we can all learn more on how the shim is being used and how others have overcome those stick points when getting started. Of course the emergence of a formal co-developer is also hoped for by us as well.

We thank you for your interest; we welcome feedback, questions, constructive criticism, and comment. Please consider joining in the fun publicly.

-- Russ herrold
614 488 6954

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