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trading-shim Frequently Asked Questions
Certain recurring questions tend to come up in mailing list and support contexts; the links below address or point to further resources about the most common areas of inquiry.
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Other voices - connection to the TWS

The Jump links are: here
There are voices other than ours working on source available interfaces to connect to the TWS through the socket inteface. We collect some here.
 Language   (and License)  Website or URL  Developer 
  C++ (GPL)    Trading shim    Devels
mailing list  
  C++ (unk)    Lightweight TWSAPI C++ library wrapper 
 (then go to Files -> C++ Code)  
  Jan Boonen  
  C (BSD)    C language API for TWS    Slavcho Nikolov  
  Java (BSD variant)    HSQLDB 
  Java SQL relational database engine  
  Thomas Mueller, et al. 
  [ used in TWS ]  
  Java   IBdemo  
  (Alternate location)  
  Vic Szmyd  
  Java (LGPL)    IBTrader    Gabor Liptak  
  Java (LGPL)    JDOM 
 light weight Java API to manipulate XML  
  Jason Hunter, et al. 
  [ used in TWS ]  
  Java (LGPL)    JFreeChart    David Gilbert, et al. 
  [ used in TWS ]  
  Java (new BSD)    JSystemTrader    Florent Guiliani, et al.  
  Java (GPL) 
  Matlab connector   
 Patton code (BSD) and CCAPI-Matlab connector 
  ActiveStocks.EU, Rene Nederhand  
  Java (LGPL)    Mondrian 
 Java OLAP server  
  Julian Hyde, et al. 
  [ used in TWS ]  
 ('same terms as Perl itself')  
  perl-Finance-InteractiveBrokers-TWS    Jay Strauss  
  Python (BSD)    IBPy - and - 
  Troy Melhase
mailing list  
  R (GPL)    ib notes     Vincent Andres  
  Java (LGPL)    ROME 
 Java tools for managing RSS and Atom feeds  
  Alejandro Abdelnur, et al. 
  [ used in TWS ]  
  Ruby (GPL)    IB-Ruby     Paul Legato  
  N/A    Yahoo forum     mailing list  
  N/A    Chuck Caplan wiki     wiki  

Note: We strive to get license information correct; please send a email report if you note a possible error to: herrold@trading-shim.org citing any questioned matter.

Available Source Efforts - Libraries, Visualization and Trading Platforms - Platform neutral

These platforms either explicitly support indicator computation, visualization, or trading through IB and the TWS, or appear well suited to such an effort.
  C++ (BSD)    TA Lib (library)    Devels  
  C++ (BSD)    QuantLib (library) 
 hooks to a spreadsheet  
  Java    JQuantLib     
  C and others (freeware)    gnuplot    Contributors  
  C++ (GPL v2)    octave    Contributors  
  C and others (GPL)    R    Contributors  
  C and others (GPL)    R-SIG-Finance    Contributors  
  C++ (GPL)    R Server    Simon Urbanek  
  R (GPLv3)    quantmod    Jeffrey A. Ryan  
  R (GPLv3)    TTR: Technical Trading Rules    Josh Ulrich  
  N/A (Protocol)    FIX Algorithmic Schema    Working Group  
  C++ (BSD like)    QuickFix    Developer group  
  Java (BSD like)    QuickFix/J    Developer group  
  Java (GPL)    Continuous Trade  
  (Possible fork of Merchant of Venice)  
  Jordi Pujol i Palomer & Xavier Diumé i Delip  
  Java (Eclipse Public License)    Eclipse Trader    Developer group  
  perl (GPL)    Genius trader 
  Raphaël Hertzog & Fabien Fulhaber  
  C++ [Web UI] (GPL)
(uses TA Lib)  
  AST    Michael Williamson  
  Java (Common Public License)    Eclipse Trader    Marco Maccaferri  
  Java (BSD)    JSystemTrader    anonymous webpage presently  
  Java, Ruby (GPL)    Marketcetera 
 (with C++ and Fix hooks; CLA, MySQL CLA<>)  
  Devels - toli, gmiller  
  C++ (BSD)    TREE - data connector and store  Structured Software Systems
 at SourceForge  
  Devels - georgev13  
  Java (GPL)    Merchant of Venice  
  Based on Joone  
  Andrew Leppard, Daniel Makovec  
  C++ (GPL)    Qtstalker    S Stratos  
  Python (GPL)    Sage    many  
  Java (GPL)    truetrade    'tyrotrade'  
  Java (GPLv2)    ActiveQuant    Devels  
  Apache 2.0 (BSDish)    ActiveMQ    Devels  
  GPLv3+ or LGPL    Zero MQ    Devels  
  Apache 2.0 (BSDish)    Qpid    Devels  

Connection to the TWS - Commercial and Non-available Source Efforts - Platform neutral

 Language  Website  Developer 
  Delphi    Delphi / BCB / Kylix TIABSocket    Ross Hemingway  
  Excel    INDEXFUTUROS    IndexFuturos Engineering (Madrid)  
  Java    Eclipse Trader - and -  (second site)    Eclipse Trader is an Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) application  
  Java    JSystemTrader    Eugene 'nonlinear'  
  Java    jTWScharts - Charting 
  jTWSdump - Downloader  
  Matlab    Matlab trader - also tick, history, earnings    anonymous  

Commercial and Non-available Source Efforts - Platform limited

 Language  Website  Developer 
  C#    TradeBuild    Richard King  
  Smalltalk    Alchemetrics    Alchemetrics Trading Research (mentioned)  
  unknown    Trade-Commander    anonymous  
  unknown    MetaQuotes Language reference    MetaQuotes  
  Unknown    SSChart    Simian Savants  
  seemingly C++, Java and FIX    SmartQuant documentation    SmartQuant - Anton Fokin, acquired by QuantHouse  
  Unknown    Futures trader - simulator    RTS Trading  
  Unknown    TSim plus - simulator    Henry Eldridge-Doyle  

Tools we use

 Language  Website  Developer 
  n/a    SEC Info -- EDGAR filings, on a 'push' basis    n/a  

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