[ts-gen] slipstreamed shim-061208 issued

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Sat Dec 9 17:35:29 EST 2006

It does not really merit escalation to Freshmeat, but an 'end 
of week' updated shim version pushed yesterday.  The relevant 
new parts to NEWS are:

date: Fri Dec  8 2006
date: Thu Dec  7 2006

     * attempt shim with tws 864.4, 864.6 and 864.7 the status 
of 864.4, 864.6 and 864.7 is uncertain -- either the language 
has changed, or we have a bug, or the 846 series has a bug 
(most likely, a combination of these); you should probably 
stay with 862.9 for now

     * replace bad tarball from yesterday (and use the -X 
argument to tar to skip transient .swp files, the 
disappearance of which can evidently cause tar to leave big 
chunks out of the tarball)


... getting a handle on the tar issue was nice to have found.

I have spent the day working on the Mac OS/X 10 series build, 
but as I have 10.2.x, and the current toolchain only seems to 
want to install with 10.3 or later, it looks as though I will 
have to get a PPC 10.3 update in.  ;(

as always reports and discussion welcomed.

-- Russ Herrold

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