[ts-gen] A look behind the curtain; was: create & modify orders

Paul C paulq2o0 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 1 11:41:20 EDT 2008

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 10:11:37PM -0400, R P Herrold wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Mar 2008, Paul C wrote:
> > Having experimented with the shim for a few days I'm getting
> > interested in the Order commands and associated sql tables.
> Welcome.  Pleased to hear from you. Also welcome to the new 
> lurkers on the list.  Every time I update the Freshmeat entry, 
> we pick up a couple of new observers.  PLEASE. speak up if you 
> have questions.
> The shim has been in a usable state for almost two years now, 
> and sometimes I feel like Bill and I dominate the list.  It 
> _is_ tricky to get started, but almost trivial to use once it 
> is set up.

Yes, it's quite easy once over the initial hurdle.  I found reading
the other posts on ts-general useful too.  In addition to the manual
and your commands.pdf (referenced in a ts-gen post somewhere). Is it
fair to say that the sctipts in exs/ and bin/includes are the best
guide to the latest command syntax? or is there a simple way of
extracting this from the source code (e.g. I get the impression that 'open'
has evolved to 'select open', but throwing around a few greps in the
src/ dir didn't get me very far).

<snipped . . .>

> The recent addition of the 'shebang' capabilities in the shim 
> was no accident; the release of the sample Ruby script for 
> history harvesting was intentional as well; there is a 
> possible additional command and control adjunct data path 
> which Bill and I blocked out as well, which we will discuss 
> more in tomorrow's meeting.

So are you moving towards ruby instead of korn-shell for scripts, or
does ksh have some significant advantage (e.g. coprocesses?) for
interacting with the shim?

It would be interesting to know how other list users interact with the

> We know that the manual.pdf, and my commands.pdf are woefully 
> out of date, and cleaning them to match the 'Production 
> Stable' release is on our docket.  The mailing list archives 
> are the natural place that Bill and I can first present 
> examples of usage of the shim, and we hope the archives are 
> useful to members of the list.

Yes, I've found a number of useful posts in the archive and can see
the value of some dialogue between list users. 

. . .

> And of course use examples, and documentation.  The full TeX 
> is in the tarball for earlier variations of how the shim has 
> worked, but it is sad to lose the time spent documenting well 
> a failed approach [I know that the re-work of the 'select' and 
> 'cancel' verbs, whole proper as a matter of design, caused 
> about 80 pages of my command reference to go stale in about a 
> day ;) ] We had on-line help substantially complete, but then 
> that same change obsoleted much, and broke some of my 
> documentation building scripts.  Ah well ...

I can appreciate the difficulty of documenting something that is
changing.  Now that I know _what_ has changed, I find the docs quite
useful.  I haven't yet gone as far as using the .tex files (did I read
somewhere there is more info in the tex that doesn't make it to the

Thanks for the info anyway.



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