[ts-gen] Compiling on an OS/X

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed Jan 2 10:43:47 EST 2008

On Wed, 2 Jan 2008, William Lloyd wrote:

> I've got the code compiled on my ppc mac.  I havn;t tried your patch
> yet for Intel yet.
> On my PPC machine I found that I needed to have the universal mysql
> libs installed not just the ppc64 one.  With the PPC one I never
> managed to get it to link properly.  I also needed to add in the -lz
> flag for linking.

Interesting -- I had docoed my PPC (and Debian) steps some 
months ago, and other reports are always appreciated.

Next step is usually getting the database store populated, and 
then getting bin/test working ;)

-- Russ Herrold

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