[ts-gen] Ruby change for Darwin i386 case

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Thu Jan 3 11:12:21 EST 2008

I was thinking about the patch I put together for Ron 
Hinchle's Darwin i386 earlier this week; we have folded in 
this more permanent approach to rdtsc_time.rb:

     def triple()
         return arch =~ /..*x86_64.*/  ? 'i64' :
                arch =~ /.*i[356]86.*/ ? 'i32' :
                arch =~ /.*sparc64.*/  ? 's64' :
                arch =~ /.*Darwin..*/  &&
                arch =~ /.*powerpc.*/  ? 'osx' : '' ;

which _should_ work even more generally.  [new is the test for 
[356] here].  This removes the need to manually apply the 
patch I previously mentioned.  It is in the external version 
on and after 080102 last night, at:

-- I announce this separately from the general announcement I 
am about to push here, as I wanted to close that issue here. 
Test reports desired  ;)

-- Russ herrold

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