[ts-gen] running shim on an AMD64? [sizeof(Words) does not == 4]

Paul C paulq2o0 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 3 11:39:59 EDT 2008

Hello Bill/Russ,
Has anybody run the shim on an AMD?
I find the latest shim won't run on an AMD64, presumably because
sizeof(Words) == 8 not 4?:

    shim: lib/boot.c:103:
    MinimalModeMultiParadigm::SimpleEfficientAllocator::BootMemory&, const
    MinimalModeMultiParadigm::SimpleEfficientAllocator::PermPool&, const
    MinimalModeMultiParadigm::OneWayList::Unit&, const
    Assertion `sizeof(Words) == 4' failed.

Recompiling without the assert in boot.c results in a Segmentation
fault (probably anticipated, hence the assert?):

    ./shim --data cout
    The trading shim has finished program initialization, including the setup of 
    successful connections to the database and IB tws.  ...  Segmentation fault

I find the same version of the shim (080627) works fine on a different
(intel) machine. (Also, older shim like 080410 run ok on the amd64).

I'd be happy to test out some changes to the code if anyone can give
me some pointers or hints of things to try. 



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