[ts-gen] running shim on an AMD64? [sizeof(Words) does not == 4]

Bill Pippin pippin at owlriver.net
Thu Jul 3 21:41:11 EDT 2008


About 64-bit memory support:

> Hello Bill/Russ,
> Has anybody run the shim on an AMD?
> I find the latest shim won't run on an AMD64, presumably because
> sizeof(Words) == 8 not 4?:

> Recompiling without the assert in boot.c results in a Segmentation
> fault (probably anticipated, hence the assert?):

Thanks for the problem report; I expected problems, but it's
useful to know for sure that they are there.  As you can
probably guess, I'm working on a 32-bit box, mostly since
our distcc farm is so convenient, and provides 32-bit libraries.

I appreciate your offer of help.  Since we do have 64-bit machines
as well, it probably won't be necessary, but again, thanks. 
You're not the only person asking about AMD64; an off list poster
has also questioned the assert.  I added it while modifying the
memory allocation code to deal with a capacity limitation that
showed up when I extended the database symbology, and left it in
while I went back to working on order journalling and cross-session
order manipulation.

I'll be looking at the problem as soon as I have those working,
hopefully sometime next week, and will keep the list posted.

Those features will probably mark the end of this series.  I intend
for the one that follows to provide improved use of the bind operator
to accept contract expressions in commands, so that users can forget
about contract record sequence numbers.



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