[ts-gen] This evening's release

Bill Pippin pippin at owlriver.net
Thu Jul 24 21:14:14 EDT 2008

The NEWS file indicates the changes for the release I just pushed;
there are a number of improvements to the connection logic for shim-tws
sessions, and in particular, shims now are able to work around
handshake failures due to client id collisions.  This now gives the
downstream user the variables and options to exert full control over
the connection client id, which value is stored in the database as
part of the key for each order.  The changes were to parts of the code
related to the initialization logic used to determine the account
code at startup, also used in order journalling and the last feature

This release does not provide, and the shim does not yet have as

    database posts for order status and execution reports
        (order creation, modification, submission, and
         cancellation posts are already working, however);
    cross session order manipulation; or
    memory allocation for 64bit architectures.

Those areas are next, along with fixes and cleanup of the help facility
to help newer users figure out the command language.

Please note that the scripts in the examples directory "exs" are the
best current guide to the command language.  I've removed the ksh
scripts in bin, which were no longer being used for testing --- I use
scripts in exs for that --- and had become obsolescent.  If you
want to adapt them yourself, you can of course find them in older

Russ is on travel this week, and I'll be out tomorrow, so we won't
be replying to any list posts until next week.

I'd like to (belatedly) welcome Jay Strauss to the list.  If you have
questions about the command language, please feel free to speak up.
In any case, I intend to push another release some time next week,
hopefully with an updated help facility. 

I'd also like to acknowledge a debt of appreciation: Thank you, Jay,
for your efforts with a perl interface to the IB tws; your docs
helped me understand the market data subscription protocol way back
when I first started on the shim.



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