[ts-gen] beginner problems

andreas krysl andreas.krysl at onlinehome.de
Thu May 1 14:55:17 EDT 2008


first I would like to thank Bill and Russ for your great work - It look
like that trading-shim could solve a lot of problems on my side - a
nearly perfect tool for me.

I'm running trading-Shim on Debian Etch. Even for a beginner like me it
was easy to comply the program (don't forget to install the rpm package
libmysqlclient15-dev and set mysql db to ANSI mode-))

But now I'm lost - I was reading the manual forward and backward and I
didn't find the answer (or I wasn't able to understand)

I have read the archives but also not a lot of helpful information for

My wish would be -  I start the program with ./shim --data and in the
background the application is collecting the data in the mysql database.

In which table are all the ticks stored, if ie I would like to collect
tickdata for ESM8?

Best Reagrds

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