[ts-gen] beginner problems

Nils Gebhardt mail at ngebhardt.de
Tue May 13 02:15:27 EDT 2008


> My wish would be -  I start the program with ./shim --data and in the
> background the application is collecting the data in the mysql database.
> In which table are all the ticks stored, if ie I would like to collect
> tickdata for ESM8?
> Best Reagrds
> Ciap

I think you have to pick up the correct uid field from LocalSet (or
Contract?) table and tell shim 'tick add xxx 1', e.i. xxx = 203 would
collect ticks for the Bund future. The output is found by default in the
file ShimText. For streaming tick data on could turn the destination
file into a fifo and pick the fields of interest from there. 

A good source for usage documentation are the examples in the bin/


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