[ts-gen] Finally able to retrieve the desired historical data ; )

Paolo Volpato dormilon at web.de
Tue Oct 21 20:38:56 EDT 2008

Hello Bill and Russ,

first of all, thanks a lot for your postings which guided
this blind man o' mine  step by step over "C++ mountains"
and through "MySQL jungles" towards my desired goal
until I reached it ! :)

> We've collected a fair amount of product, routing, and contract 
> information for IB-supported symbols from the net, and that data
> is found in the directory sym....
In fact, I had already browsed through the files
A0Stk00.sql - A0Stk09.sql at an earlier stage and had
found all of the desired stocks in there.

> ...
> So, the best you can do at this point is to add entries to the
> load file sql/mod/LocalSet.sql .  As it's name suggests, LocalSet
> provides site-specific contracts.  And it's clear from your
> email that you've already figured this out:
Yep. Took me only a few seconds to add my already
prepared 30 lines to LocalSet.sql.

> Unfortunately, when I added these to sql/mod/LocalSet.sql as
> a test, I found a problem for your example; the commands that
> populate the Contract table, in sql/slow.sql, are too
> restrictive, since there is a constraint in the where clause
> limiting entries to the default route, so that the entries above
> would be ignored.  A patch for slow.sql is provided below... 
> ! --      and LocalSet.route =   Static.route 
This was the final piece of the puzzle. After editing slow.sql
according to your comments, repopulating the database
and creating a new syms.txt file things are working fine
over here.

> ...
> Although you might reasonably request that we change the
> default routes for the symbols you mention, I'd prefer not to
> take that approach...
I guess now that you showed the way how to add and use
one's own personal preferred routes the need is gone,
even more considering future shim releases may simply
include routes as part of the command set. ;)

Instead, I would like to point your attention towards  a
very little off topic detail.
I think most of the persons who try out a new program
will first search for some kind of "quick install guide"
(in case of the shim: the so called "Install" file) to give
that program a try.
In brief words: Please consider including a few lines about
setting the "Dbms Isolations Level" (to "serializable") within
the Install file as this rather "dirty detail" is well capable of
causing headaches to new users or even scaring them off,
speacially if their MySQL knowledge is limited and they are
lacking of the necessary routines to detect that detail on
their own.

Best regards,



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