[ts-gen] Finally able to retrieve the desired historical data ; )

pippin at owlriver.net pippin at owlriver.net
Mon Oct 27 14:11:43 EDT 2008


Thanks for the report of success:

> This was the final piece of the puzzle. After editing ...

The release I pushed Friday evening includes the change to slow.sql,
so from now on other users should not have to manually edit that

> ... I would like to point your attention ...
> I think most of the persons who try out a new program
> will first search for some kind of "quick install guide"
> (in case of the shim: the so called "Install" file) to give
> that program a try.


> ... Please consider including a few lines about
> setting the ... [isolation level] to serializable within
> the Install file ... [otherwise this] is well capable of
> causing headaches to new users ...

Agreed, and done.  And, perhaps more to the point, the INSTALL
file has been revised in a number of other places to bring it
up to date, and the updates were included in Friday evening's
release.  Thanks much for pointing out the problems with this

Although we've purposely allowed the manual to fall out of date,
since after all the shim has important features still to be
added, and documenting a mix of finished and ongoing work is
awkward and time consuming, still there is no need for the
relatively brief INSTALL file to suffer bitrot.

So, for readers who have problems using the INSTALL file to
guide their shim setup process, please feel free to speak up
on this list.  As always, user feedback helps us improve the
shim.  Thanks to all for the time you take to post messages
to the mailing list.  



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