[ts-gen] Installation Issues

Bill Pippin pippin at owlriver.net
Thu Apr 30 12:53:41 EDT 2009


> I was able to get the compilation to work ...

Good!  What did you do?  You're our first Suse user to talk on the
list, and your answer may help future users.

> ... no --help option only --data and --risk.  Is the documentation
> out of date with the other options listed?

Yes, indeed.  See section 1.2, Caveats:


for furthur explanation of how the manual is incomplete and naturally
falls behind the development of the shim itself.

The mode listing produced when you start the shim without the
required mode command line value does not include help mode for
a number of reasons, one being that its guidance is out of date.

If you are determined to read the obsolete text it would provide
if enabled, you may use the help command instead, which is still
available in --data mode; the script exs/help runs it through its
paces, e.g.: 

    tsi$ exs/help --data 2>&1 | tee help.txt
    tsi$ wc help.txt
      826  5402 36361 help.txt

The above shows that it "works", for suitable values of the verb
work; there is nearly 1k of output, much obsolete.  More precisely,
the initial discussion of command line modes and options is fairly
good, the explanation of commands is somewhat dated, and the syntax
for commands is obsolete.  In particular, the explanation of the
syntax for orders should be ignored.

Again, as I noted in an earlier post, see the examples in the
directory exs for the most up-to-date guide to command syntax.



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