[ts-gen] Account data query [Was: OrderStatus dups and skips]

Nils Gebhardt mail at ngebhardt.de
Sun Aug 2 16:18:45 EDT 2009

On Fri, 2009-07-31 at 15:04 -0400, Bill Pippin wrote:
> Nils,
> About the first point in your feedback on last week's shim:
> > 1) "select acct;" seems to be broken, more precisely the position in the
> > output (log/shim) is missing. Actually I think this was the case already
> > in one of the earlier july versions.  
> I'm not sure what you mean by:
>      ... the position in the output (log/shim) is missing ...
> although if you expect an explicit "select acct" command as part of
> test.rb, see (A) below.  Otherwise, if you can give a reproducing script
> for the breakage you believe you are seeing, please feel free to do so.

Sorry, my posting was a bit vague. I meant the usual output in
log/ShimText - or standard output or where ever - where the last lines
used to carry the position info after an account query. This is a sample
line how the output was looking after feeding a plain "select acct;" to
a shim session: 

[... some account data]
6735|69998|  61157720|3| 7| 7|EUR|CASH||0.0||USD|EUR.USD|xxxPositionxxx|
[... more position lines ...]

actual numbers replaced with xxx, the most important field being field
no. 14. marked as xxxPositionxxx. This output is produced with the
release shim-090428, which is still my working edition because it does
both position query and correct order cancel.  
With unchanged account data, the same query (using shim-090731, but the
same starting with earlier july versions) looks like

6017|69606|  92591334|3| 7| 7|EUR         |CASH||0.000000||USD|EUR.USD|

appearently there are some fields missing, especially the position
field. I would be very curious If there is a different way to query for
the current position. 
Looking the last lines of the output to the end, I find an additional
line which has not been present before but I think has been explained in
an earlier post: 

15366|78626|  12129558|4|12| 0|# journal OrderResult(3);|

Looking in table OrderResult, there is actually a record with correct
time stamp (time of "select acct"; query) and the fields corresponding
to the missing fields  in the shim output along with the position
correctly filled. However incomplete, some lines missing - here the
forex part (but interest future line duplicated with identical
timestamp). There are actually forex entries with earlier time stamps,
but it is not clear to me by what rule the updates are inserted. 



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