[ts-gen] select bars or tick

Richard Pruss boadie at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 02:54:16 EDT 2009

Sorry to ask a probably really dumb question but can someone point me
to the current doc on select into & bar, I am battling with the syntax
a bit.

I have a problem pulling either bar or tick on BHP;
SELECT * FROM testing.Symbol S where name = 'BHP'
gives one 5 ibc instruments for it.

select tick  STK:SMART:BHP:USD 1;
Process rule: Compound (tick)
Syntax error:
Grammar rule: Compound tick
Cursor state: match; text is:
select tick  STK:SMART:BHP:USD 1;
Drop:  1;


Same problem if I try ASX or any exchange, but the info statement for
it shows SMART etc;
select info STK::BHP    :	;
49311|60588|  74051698|3|10|

Where for Cisco with one 4 ibc instruments works...
select tick  STK:SMART:CSCO:USD 1;


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