[ts-gen] src, tag, ver -> table_name

Bill Pippin pippin at owlriver.net
Mon Aug 24 15:13:52 EDT 2009


Hopefully you've found the following question to be answered by
my previous post on risk-related events: 

> I am still investigating order responses.  I think 3|11|7 maps to
> OrderReport which contains fill information, and it looks like
> 3|3|6 maps to OrderStatus, but I can't figure out what 3|5|10 is -
> it might be OrderResult (position changes), but it also looks
> awfully close to OrderStatus.

Now, about table lookup of request and message event indices:

> ...it would be great if there were a meta-table ... so we can just
> look [them] up in the database.

This is on our roadmap as part of the next major functional area,
versioning.  The shim will use the ApiLevel variable to determine
request and message formats, check the event indices against the
database, and complain/exit if there are differences.  Downstream
users would then be free to read from the same tables to learn
about the supported events for any given level of the api.

As for other uses for such tables, say as documentation:
> It would be useful ... also for documentation purposes; we could
> better understand the mapping between the triplets and the tables.

Hah!.  Dream on.  You'll find you're better off with the sample
client sources, which I hope you'll obtain.  As Russ points out,
the /event/event index/api level/possibly attribute descriptor
or type tag/ tables will encode a number of levels of detail:

> ... would that the world were so simple.  The IB changes and
> remappings on successive client and server levels adds a
> couple more axes of dimensionality.

All too true.



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