[ts-gen] MacOS Shim problems

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed May 13 22:29:29 EDT 2009

On Thu, 14 May 2009, Richard Pruss wrote:

> When I tested the Telnet I notice Apple is tries all the Ipv6
> localhosts first so, I change
> the Feedhost in .shimrc to and I seem to get a little deeper,:
>           The trading shim has connected to the database server and
>           loaded  51620 products.  The IB tws offered api level 44,
>           and connection negotiation resulted in an api level of 23
>           and a client id of  1.  A query shows the account code to
>           be DU(number removed).  Program initialization has been
>           completed.

 	great ... at this point, we are as far as I can debug 
without a bit more information.  I suspect, actually, that 
Bill will have some questions as well.  The IPv6 preference by 
OS/X is troubling, but this is the way of the future, I 
guess,  I was wrestling it with our local 'distcc' setup as 
well a couple months ago.

> but then it freezes and shim does not accept commands.
> I can also see the two tcp4 connections in netstat are still up, when
> the shim has frozen.

The netstat command was just showing the (assumedly live) 
connection to the TWS Java.  It is not clear that the shim was 
'frozen' or jsut waiting for commands.

> The things that puzzle me are:
> -  why does shim freeze somewhere between that initialize message and
> the prompt from shim coming up

... continuing. Actually, there is no 'prompt' per se offered 
by the shim -- it is ready for commands at that point.  It may 
well be if you had simply started giving it commands, it would 
have properly reacted to them.  The simplest form is:


and the system prompt would then have appeared after the shim 
exited.   Assuming that works, re-start the shim thus:

./shim --data cout<CR>

which tells the shim to emit output to the standard 
(character) out.  More detail -- the three lines of startup 
connection details, and optionaly some accounting data.   Then 
we can use a longer form:

set acct on;<CR>
    ... wait say 20 seconds ...

I posted a brief response a week or so ago on the Yahoo! 
twsapi mailing list on looking up a 'market data' stream for 
the TICK-NYSE indicator, and then for the stock 'T' using just 
a couple of lines of commands.  It is outside of market hours 
on the NYSE of course, or I would set up a quick test.

> - why does using localhost say no connection for TWS, did it try to
> connect v6? but seems to connect at least.

As to that, as I do not have an Intel iMac yet, and my PPC mac 
will not take OS/X 10.5, I cannot answer without speculation. 

-- Russ herrold

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