[ts-gen] Problems with Ubuntu 32-bit [Was: input corruption on mac]

Bill Pippin pippin at owlriver.net
Fri Sep 4 16:17:33 EDT 2009


About the problems you see with Ubuntu 32-bit:

> I wonder if memory problems could also be causing this problem on
> Ubuntu 32-bit (shim works fine in 64-bit):

> http://www.trading-shim.org/pipermail/ts-general/2009-August/000543.html

Could be, although bugs typically stick around until I have a
reproducing test case first.  In any case, until I have reproduced the
problems here, I won't actually know for sure.

> Sometime this weekend, I will try 090901 on Ubuntu 32-bit and see
> if I can get a clean run.

Thanks for your testing efforts.  Please consider, though, using today's
tarball, that is the one for 090904 .  From the NEWS: 

        Improve various aspects of memory management for 
        block-doubled containers.  This release ...
        removes the warning ... that has been in effect
        since 090821.



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