[ts-gen] Do I really need to tail -f ShimText?

Paul C paulq2o0 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 15 07:47:30 EDT 2009

Some additional comment regarding 'logd', from an off-list message that probably I should 
copy here.

I was asked:
> ... what is the "logd" option used for?

Hi. the "logd" option produces shim output via the systems message
logging facility (rsyslogd on debian, i.e. the log files in the /var/log
directory). /etc/rsyslog.conf[1] determines which log file(s) the output
ends up in.  The shim uses 'local0' and rsyslog entries like:
   local0.*                        -/var/log/local0.log
   #local0.*                        |/var/tmp/pipe
sends the output to a file and a named pipe respectively. It's the
same format data as the ShimText file, except each line starts with
some date/time/machine info. 

I find it useful to tail -f local0.log so I can see what is going on,
irrespective of what the downstream program is doing with the stdout
["cout" option].

Note, multiple shim processes write to the same log file. [as does my
netgear router, so I actually change LOCAL0 to LOCAL1 in src/data.c [2]]

There may be a better explanation somewhere in the archives or
documentation.  I don't know about the intended use of the various
shim output options, or what others use "logd" for.



[1] It was syslog.conf until recently. not sure about other systems.
[2] btw, That's the only change I ever make to the shim sources.

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