[ts-gen] Debugging intermittent lost posts [Was: Do I really need to ...]

Nils Gebhardt mail at ngebhardt.de
Mon Sep 21 16:40:59 EDT 2009


On Tue, 2009-09-15 at 15:35 -0400, Bill Pippin wrote:

> I've just pushed a release with improved diagnostic information
> about sql warnings, and I suggest that you download this release
> and use the newly added warn option before trying to debug the
> OrderStatus problem. 

> The above example is only to help you understand the text printed in
> response to mysql warnings, and is otherwise besides the point; our
> interest here is in warnings for inserts to OrderStatus.  So, I'd like
> to suggest, Nils, that you use the warn option, and post to the list
> both any query/warning trace outputs that you see for the OrderStatus
> table, and also a heads up if you don't see such, yet are still losing
> inserts.

At start up I could spot the following message just in the middle of the
start banner:


Argument type: acc was not found
in source rule msg:Status on behalf of
create target: :OrderStatus
Feed? 1 OrderStatus  acc  acc status
For msg: Status
Problem: 418 could not post ambiguous order message


As said, directly at start up, not obviously related to an insert
attempt nor a missing insert, but the text looks like it could have
something to do with it. 



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