[ts-gen] Debugging intermittent lost posts [Was: Do I really need to ...]

Nils Gebhardt mail at ngebhardt.de
Wed Sep 23 14:47:15 EDT 2009


I am just stepping back the messages in this thread and I realized that
I omitted the the first step before going further

On Mon, 2009-09-14 at 20:02 -0400, Bill Pippin wrote:
> Nils,
> To return to the issue of your disappearing order status messages,
> and although this may seem obvious, I do want to check:
> Are the messages you're concerned about distinct, that is not
> duplicates?  I ask because the declaration for the OrderStatus
> table includes the following unique key constraints:
>     ...
>     unique key(acc, perm,                 status, filled, remaining),
>     unique key(acc, client_id, order_tag, status, filled, remaining),
>     ...

ok, though to me it was not quite that obvious - appearently I have a
problem with this uniqueness constraint. 

> Duplicate record inserts, that is records that are equal over either
> of the attribute subsets above, will be discarded with no error
> message, since the related insert statement has the ignore keyword
> following the verb.

This answers the last question of my foregoing post - sorry that I lost
that point. 

> If you want to experiment here, feel free to comment out the unique
> key declarations for the OrderStatus table in sql/xact.sql, recreate
> and repopulate tables in testing using create.sql, and then run
> orders against the paper account to see if the problem goes away.

Ok, I will try this out. Since I think I cannot incluence the order_tag
sended by IB this seems to advisable, right?



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