[ts-general] project migration to a new host

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Tue Dec 7 00:27:12 EST 2010

With the 1.0 release, we have done some restructuring, moving 
the webserver and mailing list in to their own dedicated 
server in much better bandwidth [not surprisingly, one that is 
'quite close' to the New York and Chicago markets at: 
http://www.pmman.com/ colocation]

I think I have the website and mailman archives fnctional and 
complete at this point, and am mirroring the FTP server to the 
new unit at the moment (a couple of 'gig' of content with back 
attic copies, so it is taking a while).  If you see somethjing 
missing a private or on list report will be welcomed by me

As I was the only person feeding the bugzilla, I will not 
migrate it (I use a private interneal one as well, and really 
'fed' the external one only to make 'freshmeat' happy that one 
existed).  I am thinking that I will set up an anonymous Read 
Only 'git' server, however, and for 'vetted' contributors, 
Read/Write access [all the cool kids are using 'git' it seems, 
these days]

I do think that a piece or two of email reports 'got dropped' 
(sadly) in the move, as I inadventently did not have mail 
receiving set up properly initially. This should be fixed now, 
and if you made a report that you have not heard an 
acknowledgement on that report, please resend it

-- Russ herrold

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