[ts-general] I just added you to the trading shim ML as it is

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Thu Dec 9 17:25:19 EST 2010

subscriber post only because of the spam problem

It is a very low volume list and I hipe you'll stay with us

quick answer is:

 	we did not have a FA feature account, and so we don't
 	know, because we cannot test  ;)

I think I would ask IB tws support for a non-FA testing 
account [I am pretty sure they can do this] as a quick 
workaround for 'look-see' testing on usability

Alternatively, shift $10k in assets out of the FA to a 
individual account to fund it, with perhaps 3k$ of it in cash

... set up the account and get a side paper trading account to 
experiment with, and then shift all BUT the 3k$ back ... that 
will fund experimentation for quite a while and still meet 
IB's requirements on account setup

One thing that is not said, but is true, is that trading is 
not a 'no barriers to entry' game  ;)   There are a lot of 
people on the public general mailing lists that are obviously 
over-endowed with enthusiasm and questions, and not so well 
endowed with funds

IB solves that issue by a not so high barrier to entry for a 
serious participant, but one high enough to keep out the 
casual gawkers

-- Russ herrold

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