[ts-gen] The shim now requires order keys and markers to be identifiers

Jordi Sanfeliu jordi at fibranet.cat
Fri Jul 9 04:31:30 EDT 2010


I've finalized the testings with 100630 and the segfault still persisted 
(as expected). Then I executed the same 'exs/0510' script against 100707 
and, as you predicted, it not longer appeared. Instead I got the same 
error messages you said in the paragraph named 'Modified command:' in 
your message:


So, we can conclude that 100707 version definitely fix this segfault 
(among of other issues like the 'Problem: 546 ice: ...' and the 'sym' 
symlink, etc.)

Many thanks for this good job.

By the way, I've 'strace'ed all the faulty session 100630 and saved the 
file just in case you want take a look into it, although you shouldn't 
worry much about it since the segfault is fixed now with your 
modifications introduced in 100707.

Have a great weekend.
Best regards.

Jordi Sanfeliu
FIBRANET Network Services Provider

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