[ts-gen] dbase question revisited

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Fri Jul 23 11:41:44 EDT 2010

On Fri, 23 Jul 2010, Vince Fulco wrote:

> To extend my questions of a few days ago further, assuming I use shim
> on a local virtual instance to get around the MySQL issues, would
> anyone have brief advice on the lightest/fastest OS to run on a F12
> opteron quad-core? TIA, V.

More facts are needed as to the proposed hypervisor and 
platform hosting it, before we can run tests and generate 
metrics ... but my first reaction is:

heh --- You are not going to be measure or see a difference 
between a stripped racehorse Debian testing, or a waddling 
Fedora in a VM.  The differences will be noise swamped in 
the scheduler of the hypervisor [xen, kvm, vmware in windows, 
vmware Fusion on intel mac, vmware under RHEL/CentOS, Hyper-V, 
whatever] ;)

Some quick context ...  From our earliest design discussions 
and requirements analysis, the shim has had a mandate to 
provide an availability to no less than millisecond (10^-3) 
event times.  It turns out that our implementation gets us 
down to the microsecond (10^-6)

The general market virtualization implementations of which I 
am aware, are are running with a 'slice' of say 100 per second 
(10^-2 slice periods) [I put to one side some work that 
IBM, Red Hat, Google, and others have done as to 'Real Fast' 
vs RT (*)]

-- Russ herrold

*  http://ols.fedoraproject.org/OLS/Reprints-2008/mckenney-reprint.pdf

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