[ts-general] Struggling to create.sql

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed Jun 29 19:37:00 EDT 2011

On Wed, 29 Jun 2011, Richard Pruss wrote:

> Russ, just a reminder to turn off -O3 in the Makefile to get the shim to work for MacOs.

ughh -- that's a bug, but as I recall, it is one that is a 
conscious choice on Apple's side

Just an update ... your post across the weekend caused me to 
revamp my testing build systems to follow some 'Agile' and TDD 
practices I have taken to using elsewhere.  I had simply not 
had the spare cycles to use them yet with the shim (as we are 
is a 'resting' phase as to the nest major featureset for the 
shim, and in 'bugfix' only mode. However, adding Makefile, or 
maybe even Cmake or autotools to address this build 
environment issue seems doable)

Also, I've been frustrated not to have a public VCS for the 
project and was thinking of placing the initial tarball, and 
then each successive external tarball's diff into a 'git' 
repository, so a person could track the path we took to the 
first major version milestone.  Github seems the obvious 
choice for an external repository.  GPLv3+ license as to code, 
and CC-SA-3 for any documentation matter for those who choose 
to participate publicly

So ... I saw the suggested reminder that we had see the 
script's issue with being run in the 'wrong' place, and it 
seemed to ring true to me ... SQL as a scripting language is 
woefully deficient (one can 'source' files, but has no ability 
to test where in a directory structure one is, nor to test 
return codes, and really needs to be wrapped up into a 
mediating wrapper containing such language elements)

I remain hopeful of getting to this before the US Independence 
Day holiday, but, ...

Best regards,

-- Russ herrold

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