[ts-general] CentOS 6, Additional database build issue

Harry Balzer harry.balzer at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 23 13:17:35 EDT 2012


before embarking, i ran a quick archive search and found the following:

the post describes a several step process to ensure effective shim setup (with data).
the dates of the tarballs were older, so i'm hoping this has been resolved.

my plan is to untar it (in shim dir), implement your earlier file alterations,
and attempt database setup again.  may be wishful thinking, but i'll post
back my findings.

i'm planning one more install once i have this one done properly.  maybe
i'll build a post with specific step by step instructions that better reflect
the state of things, make it easier for new users to work with the tool.

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You need to download the data.tgz file, grab it from here:


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