[ts-general] CentOS 6, Additional database build issue

Paul paul.analytic at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 04:19:41 EDT 2012

On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 02:23:12PM -0700, Harry Balzer wrote:
> thank you, paul:  database problem solved.  attempted connection with tws, but
> experimental machine bogs to much to even adjust api settings.
> i'm attempting to use the gateway.  has anybody successfully used shim with it?
>  in settings, i've changed port to 7496, trusted ip is
> the shim complains:
> Failure:  InFeed::read  call of : read  message:  connection reset by peer
> For line number 192 of the code in open.c:
> Problem:  421 the client id [1-8] is ignored by the IB tws
> ...
> Problem:  523 the IB tws server handshake failed
> wondering if this is gateway related only.

Hi Harry,
I've used the shim with the gateway before.  Just tested it again, and
it seems to work - albeit I am using an old version of the IB gateway from
august 2011 (I haven't upgraded TWS for ages either).

I'm also setting the shim to use Api Level of 47 in ~/.shimrc:

let DbmsHost = localhost,                       
    FeedHost = localhost,               
    ApiLevel = 47; 

I forget why I use 47, but seem to remember having problems with other values.



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