[ts-general] Sigh.. ShimText time stamp wrong on different hardware and more

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Thu Mar 28 17:08:46 EDT 2013

On Thu, 28 Mar 2013, David wrote:

> The seconds from midnight (second field) on the first line are 12486 
> which converts to 3:28:04 am

At what time was that sample made -- local time and TZ please, 
or GMT.  A data farm close down notice by itself is 
unremarkable as they happen every day

> The next line's (and next output line in ShimText) seconds from 
> midnight is 18446318870 .

>From memory, isn't that stated value: 18446318870 in 
microsecond from an offset?  the offset part into the day is 
18446[^]318870 where [^] is the radix split between integer 
seconds (here the radix being decimal)

Doing some quick date math is easier with the Unix 'date' 

[herrold at centos-6 ~]$ date --date='00:00:00' +%s

that is, as of my local last Midnight, there had been 
1364443200 since Epoch (1/1/1970 GMT 

[herrold at centos-6 ~]$ date  +%s

and the present local time (a bit after local 1600 US EDT) -- 
let's cross check:

[herrold at centos-6 ~]$ echo "1364502621 - 1364443200" | bc

with 3600 seconds per hour

[herrold at centos-6 ~]$ echo "59421 / 3600" | bc

so the expected hour of the day

Considering your value:

[herrold at centos-6 ~]$ date --date="18446318870 seconds"
Wed Oct 11 18:00:39 EDT 2597

That last being the value you noted.  Past the 'Zager and 
Evans' 2525 AD song [1] even ;)  It is not a reasonable number 
of seconds since Epoch


-- Russ herrold

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zager_and_Evans

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